What started as a way to pass the time on Easter Island turned into  a mini passion, and everyone's Christmas gifts.

How to Carve a Moai

Step One

First, I cut the piece of cherry wood to size and make some stop cuts for the chin, nose, and forehead with a hack saw.  


Step Two

Next is the most fun and tiring part. Most of the shaping happens with the adze, or "toki" as the islanders call it.  It is quite a workout for your wrist but very satisfying. 

Step Three

An angle grinder with  a sandpaper attachment (really rough, like 80 grit) makes quick work of all those splinters


Step Four

The most time consuming part is this finishing step with chisels and sandpaper.  I focused on thinning the nose and emphasizing the details that really make it pop.  

Other Work

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